General Internal Medical Services ( Gims ) Essay

1200 Words Jan 24th, 2016 null Page
General Internal Medical Services (GIMS) as part of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) mission is to provide high Quality health care for all who are privileged to serve, “while setting the standard in readiness, education and health care research” (WRNMMC, 2016). GIMS primary focus is provide routine and preventive care, inpatient care, and acute care for all service members and retiree. They also provide consultative services for patients with complex medical conditions.
As the largest outpatient clinic in the whole of Department of Defense with over 250 medical staff and responsible for acute and routine healthcare for over 30,000 Active Duty Service Members, the corporate level goal is to lead “Military Medicine in delivering Patient Family Centered Care service; apply the Primary Care Medical Home model, and excel in research, innovation, and education to shape military medicine today and in the future” (WRNMMC, 2016). Part of the goal is also to take a lead in transforming military medicine particularly in promoting a “model where the key prescription is to encourage and impact healthy behaviors” (WRNMMC, 2016).
GIMS customers comprises of active duty and retired military personnel, and including those needing geriatric services. The customer pool also include family members of active duty and retiree, members of congress, civilian staff of Department of Defense, foreign dignitaries and selected service members of foreign country. Although most of…

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