Essay about General Crime Issues And Foreign Policy

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Ever since learning Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be the United States two major choices for President, Americans begun to become excited for the debates. The first debate fell nothing short of being certainly interesting for the majority of the viewers in the country. With all of this said, the purpose of this paper is to analyze the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The paper is going to be divided into three separate parts. The first part is going to talk about some of the key issues and the candidates views on those issues. For the purpose of this essay, general crime issues and Foreign policy will be the two issues discussed. The second part of the essay will focus on assessing the candidates on how they did on answering the questions about the issues and listing some strengths and weaknesses of their responses. Lastly, the third part will consist of a conclusion and final thoughts on the debate. The first key issue that will be discussed is the issue of general crime. When it comes to Criminal Justice Reform, the two candidates have mostly opposing views on the issue. Donald Trump thinks there should simply be law and Order (Debate 9/26) In the one part in his answer, he said we are not a nation if we do not have law and order in our country. Trump continued his platform by stating there should be more police in our communities and better relationships between the police and the citizens of the communities they serve. Donald…

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