Essay on Gender Stereotypes : The Sandlot Ham Porter

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Almost every person has had a moment in their life where they have questioned the gender stereotypes and expectations of some things whether it be what colors one can wear or what hobbies they can have. In pop culture we see gender stereotypes too often. In the popular 1993 movie The Sandlot Ham Porter tells a rival player that he “plays ball like a girl.” Now does that really make sense? During World War 2 a whole entire league for women’s baseball emerged and rivalled the success of the men’s league, so obviously girls can play ball. Gender roles and stereotypes are keeping the sexes from reaching “real equality.” Throughout time men and women have been assigned certain roles that they must fill based on their gender. In prehistoric times men would go out and hunt dangerous animals while the women would stick around camp and take care of the children. What if a woman decided to go out and hunt these animals? Or what if a man decided the risk of hunting these beasts were too great and wanted to care for his child? It has been 12,000 years now and the same questions are still being asked. Men and women ultimately should have the same problems since they both live on the same Earth, but they do not. According to Gloria Steinman, a revolutionary and radical late-20th century feminist, these gender roles, which have been in place for years, are making it so men and women are not, in fact, having the same problems (Source A). While untrue in some cases, men are still worrying…

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