Gender Stereotypes And The Gender Of A Baby Essay

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Sexism has sadly become prevalent with all ages in today 's society. It is common for parents to react to the stereotypical behaviors of their developing children, or for teachers to have biases for one gender over the other gender. Often children are taught through example or media, that moms are expected to stay at home and cook, while dads go to work and make money for the family. This traditional viewpoint may have been due to evolution or even how animals provide for their families, such as a mother bird staying with the babies and keeping them warm in the nest, while the father goes to gather food for the babies. Compared to a few decades ago, equality among genders has become more expected in formal situations. However, in some situations that occur throughout our society, sexism has not changed and gender stereotypes and differences prevail.
Gender Stereotypes
In today’s modern culture the gender of a baby is frequently known before birth. By knowing the gender early, parents often begin to buy and request gender specific toys and clothes. Bold primary colors generally indicate boy gender, while girls are identified with stereotypical light pastel colors. By a young age, children are influenced by society to act the way their gender is supposed to act and look, and if they are a non-conformist, they are seen as “weird” or different. Young children are often frowned upon by both their peers and parents for gender-crossing. While they might not realize their…

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