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Gender Pay Gap

April 10, 2010

For decades now, there has been an ongoing pay gap amongst men and women. Some people say it is the woman’s choice and they made it that way, others say it is plain out sexism. To this day, there is still no definitive reason why, but the gap seems to close little by little each year. Can we contribute that to women standing up for themselves more, working harder to prove their worth, or even challenging the system? T.J. Billitteri wrote the article entitled Gender pay gap touching base on the important fact which is women working and sharing the same career title as a man are making far less money (March 14, 2008).CQ Researcher, 18, 241-264.Billitteri begins his article touching base on a large
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When you reflect back to the 50’s and 60’s it was the norm for women to be homemakers and raise the children. As time went on women wanted to gain more independence and join the working class. It proved difficult for a mother to climb the career ladder while trying to balance the home. Even still today, it still shows tough to advance in a career for a woman. To me a woman in an executive position could make up for not being able to stay late at the office by doing some of the work from home, but are rarely offered that option. It does not seem fair that a well-educated independent female has to work twice as hard to get a position based primarily on being a mother. It is not just a woman’s choice to be a mother and the father should have to step up and play more of the homemaker role just to see how much the pay gap would change then. In my

opinion a woman willing to accept the challenging role as an executive should be entitled to the same pay as a man. A woman who can balance a home, family, and an executive position shows more dedication than most men show and deserve equal wages if not higher pay. It makes sense that laws are being enforced to decrease the amount of discrimination and pay gaps in the workplace. Hopefully in the next ten years, the gap will be almost non-existence and women

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