Essay on Gender Orientation And Gender Development

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One’s sexual orientation or one’s preference of a partner, be it same-sex (homosexual), the opposite sex (heterosexual), or both sexes (bisexual), is influenced by the developmental processes of the human body. People are constantly developing in stages from conception to adulthood, and our development is expressed in Psychosocial Stages by Erik Erikson. The crucial time period regarding sexual orientation usually begins during adolescence around the age of 12 and continues until around the age of 35 when people are emerging into true adults (Myers, 2014). Prenatal factors as well as the physical, social, and cognitive developments of human beings during the stages of their lifetimes, as well as peer and parental influences in regards to their sexual orientation can contribute to their abilities to find their sense of self, develop their sense of morality, and influence their willingness to be productive later in their lives.
About 9 weeks after conception, a human continues its development as a fetus within its mother’s womb. Within the womb, the fetus is nourished and protected by the mother, but it is possible for harmful substances called teratogens to enter the baby’s bloodstream and cause damage to the fetus (Myers, 2014). Alcohol and nicotine are probably the most common teratogens, but there is no known correlation between prenatal alcohol exposure and sexual orientation. It was discovered however, after first doing studies on rats, that a prenatal disposition to…

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