Essay on Gender Is The State Of Being A Male Or Female?

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Gender is known as the state of being a male or female and is first set in when the mother has her baby. If the baby is a girl they put pink on her because it is more of a feminine color and for a boy he wears blue because it is more of a masculine color. These roles are established from a very young age and pushed on children so that they support it. Gender plays a significant role in shaping the way that many of us think about others in society. Growing up children begin to become more aware of the differences between being a daughter and son because of the gentile parts. Girls play with baby dolls, dollhouses, and hairdressing sets wanting to be just like their mother. As for boys their toys consist of trucks, footballs, and video games wanting to be more like their father. Children begin to learn what behavior is opposite and expected of them. Defining the role as a daughter as I see it, there are many responsibilities, activities, and relationships that are defined by gender. Everyone has responsibilities but being a daughter my responsibilities were not and is still not the same as my brothers. My responsibilities of being a daughter include learning how to nurture, respecting my parents and being obedient, and prepare to be a mother and produce children. Growing up my mother always talked to me more than my brothers about one day having a family of my own. She taught me how to love unconditionally, be nurturing, to support and encourage others because someday I…

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