Reflection On Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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Opinions, personalities, religion, feelings are things that are similar and different in many families. Because of these things they make a person unique, and then that persons can become a family feeling, and that makes that family unique. One unique family is Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” In this story the family 's relationship revolves around their heritage, with difficulties along the lines. My family is similar in some ways, but mostly different when it comes to mothers, siblings, and righteousness. Most people have mothers that take care of them and to do most of the work around the house. The mother in the story does most of the work in the house. She cleans, cooks and she’ll chop the cow up when she needs to, and she’s very self-conscience about the way she looks. My mother is somewhat similar to the Mother. She does most of the work around the house, cooking and cleaning. She’s always trying to find different ways to provide for us even when she has nothing for herself. Another thing that was similar yet different with my mother was that she wants the best for her children. The Mother wants Maggie to have their valuable quilts when she gets married, and that makes Maggie happy, the quilts have …show more content…
Most people that have mothers know that they pester you, always checking to make sure that your doing the right thing that benefits you, to make sure that you are feed, clothed, clean, and well. Siblings, that one person or people that annoy to an end but you love them to death.Even when they get most of the things that they want because their either older or younger than you, and your stuck as the middle child. Righteousness, critical on if you want to want to act nice towards a person or not, if you want to treat a person the way that they need to be treated, with respect no matter where their from. Everyone is different, but then everyone has something in

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