Gender Inequality : Women And Women Essay

1893 Words Nov 28th, 2016 8 Pages
Before colonialization, Africa women were occupying good positions as the chiefs, they had rights to so many things such as properties, politics… in their society. Labor were divided equally between men and women in the pre-colonial era. Gender inequality started after colonization, it is an issue that keeps existing in different countries including Nigeria. It is manifesting in different aspect and in different parts of Nigeria. Women are seen as lesser beings and are discriminated in every area of their life, including politics, education, military, marriage… Gender equality bill received little attention during the Senate meeting in Nigeria as some women brought up the issue to the senate, and it was voted against by the Nigeria senates which consists of more men than women. This paper focuses on gender inequality, its effect, causes and what can be done so that both men and women can have equal rights in Nigeria. Looking at what is going on in Nigeria, especially with child marriage and other issues, this paper seeks to determine whether gender equality is really needed in Nigeria. This paper review the historical and background of women’s rights in Nigeria before colonialization and after colonialization. I choose the gender inequality as the framework of this paper because of its corresponding ability to promote women’s right and women empowerment in Nigeria.
In the pre-colonial era, Nigeria women had power instead of being under men and being…

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