Gender Inequality : The World Is Like Flies On A Horse Essay example

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Inequality in the world is like flies on a horse. It is annoying, and one may try to eliminate it, but it never really seems to go away. Gender inequality is one of the most discussed topics in the world of sociology. Socialization is a lifelong process that creates and reinforces gender inequality through social institutions and agencies of socializations. Women are often seen as submissive while men are seen as superior. This creates an inequality in the workplace, household, and even school. With this inequality present in society, women are treated with less respect and are presented with less opportunities to showcase what they have to offer the world. Separating people into the groups of male and females is an example of socialization. Some sociologists claim that gender is a social construction, that it doesn’t actually exist. It is simply a way society has organized people into groups based on differences and similarities. This is an example of how symbolic interactionalists view gender (Ferris and Stein, 2016: 255). With this separation comes norms of society and society’s idea of what makes men men, and women women. Masculinity, facial hair, toughness, and an authoritative personality are characteristics associated with men. Beauty, kindness, motherliness, and a submissive personality can describe women. These norms and behaviors that we associate with men and women are what is called socialization.
Gender is a term that seems to be as simple as what genitalia…

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