Gender Inequality In The Work Place

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Gender Inequalities in the Work Place The United States Census Bureau shows that women only make .79 cents to every dollar a man makes! Is this an outrage or is there a reason for this? Within this paper I’m going to inform and research the history and answer that question. In the last 100 years women have closed the gap significantly in gender equality. However, this is still a huge problem in politics, home, and the work place so let me explain why it is and why we haven’t overcome this issue. In the next few paragraphs we will take a dive into some of these areas.
Prior to 1920 women didn’t have the right to vote. After 1920, politicians had to consider gender inequality and bring it to everyone’s attention because women make up 47.6% of
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Woman get paid anywhere from 3% to 52% less than men in America today. The reason is woman generally work lower paying jobs than men, woman ask for less money for salary generally than men, and some places still discriminate against woman. Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn found that 51% of the difference in the equity of women and men is related to the fact that there are more females doing underpaid jobs, like nursing or education. Women have passed men in the numbers with a Bachelor’s degrees and other higher education. Most of a job market for a woman is just lower paid jobs because most woman can’t do the physically demanding jobs that pay higher. That’s what seems to hold back women’s pay. Hired, a website that connects employers to job-seekers, did a study of data from a $100,000 salary offers for sales and marketing jobs. In that study they found that throughout America, women ask for $14,000 less than men ask for overall. Employers offered women about 3 percent less than what they offer to men to fill the same position, with the same job title, the study showed. A Cornell study showed that there were no numbers that could explain a big part of the differences because of discrimination. A study viewed 12,000 MBA’s and realized that after 8 years of being out of school woman make on average 20% less than

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