Gender Inequalities In Sports

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Gender Inequality in the World of Sports
Sports is a medium of competition and entertainment which unites different people through a sport in which physical performance and skill is displayed for athletic purposes. However, despite it’s purpose, there are problems and concerns which are still found in sports today, one of them being gender inequality. Although women’s role in sports has come a long way, there are issues that remain present regarding opportunities that women receive. Women are not being treated equally in sports because they are paid less than men, their sports are unrecognized in the media and their sexual image and physical appearance is valued over their athletic talent.
Women are showing their athletic potential and skill in all forms of
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Living in the 21st century, it is disheartening to see there is variation between both genders on such a big medium like sports followed by the whole world. Every person, regardless of gender or any other trait should participate in sports because talent is what drives the sport, not the gender. Gender inequality is a serious issue as it’s bringing one gender above the other and suppressing women from showing their full potential. Women are not receiving equal pay comparatively to their male counterparts, be it in the game or outside of the game. The media choose not to provide any attention or focus on women sport which impacts women sport deeply. Furthermore, their physical appearance appears to dominate over their sporting talent in the public. Women athletes are forced to conform to social pressures of how they should look instead of being accepted for the way they are. Women should be treated equally in sports because they have the ability to compete and play as well as men. They deserve receiving the same response, media coverage and money as men get because they are entirely worthy of

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