Gender Inequality In Gender

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My group decided to figure out if there were signs of gender inequality in the English department. Based off of required classes, unrequired classes, the gender of the professor and the gender of the authors for the text books. The English department are not usually in the spotlight for questioning, such as biology and classes like those. With English you do not use words to describe things in a gender form. Such as sperm is a knight in shining armor or eggs are damsels in distress. We are taught pronouns nouns metaphors and similes. Not a whole lot about pictures or group studies. English is not in the news for big discoveries or know for having a female head of male head figure for Department. English is just somewhat neutral when it comes …show more content…
On the English department 's website there weren 't any pictures to portray the way they represent themselves as a department. All you got were head shots of the professors by which area of teaching they were associated with. They all had different numbers of males and females across each area, so that was not helpful to collect evidence from. Which is why we took a different route and looked at things outside of pictures. We did use the website as a source for our information that was helpful as evidence though. We searched for the first five main required classes and then five unrequired to see who was teaching them, with these we compared what gender was teaching each type of class.We wanted to see if the male professors were getting the higher level classes, since males are usually thought to be at a higher rank in teaching …show more content…
The department also has a class that has love in the title, the instructor is a female most of the authors are female. That does not give a good perception for trying to eliminate gender inequality. On the other hand the department could run into an issue if they had only women teaching the higher classes and men teaching lower required classes. There are so many other classes we could have analyzed we picked the ten that we did out of pure interest. It could be possible that our picks were bias. There is the question of why we did not go visit the actual English department itself to look for picture to use in data collection. I believed there would not be much to use, since even their website had no pictures. Their website is accessible to everyone so I figured that if they would put pictures to portray themselves as a whole they would put it where the public could see it the most, and for easy

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