Essay on Gender Inequality : Gender And Gender Roles

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Gender inequality is amongst us all in any given society. Although gender is not as simple as it may seem. Gender comes into play along with several different aspects such as sex, gender and gender roles. Each of these aspects play a significant part when speaking of the different social problems encountered by men and women. Sex makes up the biological differences of male and female. Gender is a learned social behavior that are attached to the sexes, it creates Gender Roles.
The traditional gender roles may vary from culture to another and might vary in the same culture as time goes by. There are expectations and roles, which are expected to be met by the proper gender in certain cultures; for example, men in a traditional culture are expected to be able to find work and be the main source of income for the household. Women on other hand are expected to know about the housework. These expectations were normal in most cultures at certain time but not anymore; for example, in the USA both the husband and wife are expected to equally share financial and housekeeping responsibilities together to some extent. While other cultures are and still have the same expectations in a traditional culture Gender Roles constitute the attitudes and behaviors that are expected of men and women in any given culture. It is these gender roles that give the impact of gender inequality. Gender roles are not given at birth, they are learned and taught among families and various cultures starting…

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