Gender Inequality And Gender Equality Essay

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Gender inequality is a term that defines the discrimination and sexism towards a certain individual based on their gender. It mainly affects women especially in growing societies or third world countries. The American society, is a well known environment for its progress in achieving gender equality. However, there are still some people claiming otherwise, stating that the workplace and society are still suffering from inequality. This debate has been around since the beginning of civilization. At certain times, gender equality was not achieved nor guaranteed by any legislation or laws. However, present times defines a different approach for gender equality where both genders are protected against any form of discrimination. A few are still arguing that gender equality is not achieved based on the present facts that are embodied in the pay gap as well as few claimed gender discrimination laws, on the other hand, many have ignored the fact that both genders have their own differences and aspirations. This could turn the world inequality into just simple differences.
Dr. Cheryl Lynn Kelsey from the University of San Antonio wrote the article “Gender Inequality: Empowering women.” She pointed out that women are underpaid and are victims of gender discrimination laws. “The median yearly earnings for women are lower than men’s in nearly all occupations, including those that predominantly employ men, women, or an even mix of men and women (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013).…

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