Essay on Gender Inequality : A Dark Cloud Hanging Over Our Country

1119 Words May 13th, 2016 5 Pages
The American people need to acknowledge that equal rights of the sexes is still a prevalent dark cloud hanging over our country. It’s still a topic most people avoid talking about. Girls are afraid to talk about it with their friends and family in fear of coming off as preachy. Others ignore it so they can live in their lie that they call equality. The hatred of women has grown more vulgar over the years. Men are much more open about their insults and harassment. A girl my age at 17 years old can’t walk down the street by herself without the voice in her head warning her of the lingering dangers. Young girls deserve to grow into a world where they are allowed to become the women that shape our modern society. Gender inequality is a real problem in society and people can’t flat out ignore it. Women are not viewed equally compared to men in modern American society. The wage gap is a real factor in Women 's inequality. There is solid evidence to back this problem and it seems that it is not going away at the rate at which it should. American women still make 79% of the man 's dollar in the year of 2016.“Just because you’re one gender doesn 't mean you should make more. Women should be on the same economic footing as men. I would expect my daughter to be treated the same as my son.” (Hollicky) At its current rate the wage gap will take approximately 118 years to close. This estimation was put together by the World Economic Forum in its latest Global Gender Gap. This is an…

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