Essay on Gender Identity And Gender Roles

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Within the past decade, gender identity and rights for those who do not identify with conventional genders have been increasingly frequently seen within society. Within western society, the conventional genders are male and female, there is no in between or variance within gender identity. However, Planned Parenthood states that gender identity is how an individual expresses their gender (“Gender & Gender Identity”). An understanding of this concept that gender is not a set between one of two options allows individuals to refute stereotypes and gender roles, and be less likely to be a target in hate crimes. Acceptance of there being a widely-varied spectrum of gender allows individuals and society to go against the conventional gender roles associated with being male or female. Oxford Dictionaries defines gender roles as, “The role or behaviour learned by a person as appropriate to their gender, determined by the prevailing cultural norms” (“Gender Role”). In laymen’s terms, this is saying that culture and society has set up a basis of accepted and expected behaviors that come from males and females. Gender roles are associated with everything from toys that a young child may or may not play with to what kind of razors one might buy at the store. Gender roles and stereotypes are also used insultingly, such as “throwing like a girl.” These insults cause the gap between boys and girl to be very large and they stop viewing each other as humans more than they view them as the…

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