Women's Equality In The Military

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Women have seemingly been left out of the manly chores of men since the beginning of time in society. Men have been expected to be strong and resilient in order to protect the seemingly fragile female. Nowadays expectations have changed and should continue changing. Woman can be strong and independent as much as they want in the United States and men do not have to be solid and so manly anymore. Women have gained many rights to become equal to the men. Society feels as though man and women have just about equal opportunity. Yet somehow a federal law is still in effect which only requires men of the ages 18 to 25 to register for the United States military draft. Women also cannot be left out in this unfair law, whether they like it or not, …show more content…
So therefore now the main reason for women not being included in the requirement of the draft is gone. If women and others pushed so hard for equality in the military, then others should continue to push the military to be more equalized. The military already has an equal pay for both men and women, because a soldier is paid based on rank. They are not paid based on gender (Antoine np). As women have been slowly integrated into more and more of the military and especially with the men of the military, most also agree with the equality of women in the military. They acknowledge women as capable leaders and have the ability to be effective military members (Mackenzie np). Despite some women not thinking they should be forced into the same things men are forced to do is hypocritical, for “There is no such thing as selective equality” (Antoine np). This issue is also about men and how they feel about their gender exclusive obligation to the government. This gender inclusive obligation, “...assumes that a key objective of the military is enhancing masculinity rather than national security…” (Mackenzie np). Just masculinizing the military does not technically make it stronger or more effective. If the nation was at war and forced to enforce the military draft, then people should not be afraid of the increase of amount in women who will join …show more content…
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