Essay on Gender Discrimination Within The Workplace

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Throughout history, some groups have experienced discrimination based on certain traits that are considered detrimental or misunderstood by the community. Whether it is race, gender, religion, or any of the many petty things humans used to discriminate against each other, the believe that the members of a group are superior that another based on hearsay only serves to marginalize the victims and to prevent them from contributing to their communities. On this case study, we examine the role the gender discrimination plays in the workplace in the United States. Although, this isn’t the only type of discrimination found in the workplace, it does affect half of the population
In many communities, women are seen as the weaker sex, a part of the community that is unable to protect or provide for themselves and, as a result, are inferior to men. Although, in modern society, most people would agree that those assertions are not true, there continues to be inequality between the sexes and “this puts women in the position of having to go above and beyond the standards to which men are held in order to demonstrate their competence” (W., 2015, para. 3). One of the main concerns of gender inequality in the workplace is the gender pay gap. According to the Pew Research Center, “women earn 84 percent of what men earn. Based on our estimate, it would take approximately 40 days, or until the end of February, for women to earn what men had by the end of last year” (Patten, 2015, para.…

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