Gender Discrimination Research Paper

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The discrimination of genders has been going on for years. “The practice of treating a group of people differently based upon their gender. In most cases of discrimination, it includes the presence of unfair behavior toward one gender believed to be inferior by another.” -EEOC But how is a gender going to affect the pay in which was worked for. Or even about the position an individual can get in an incorporation. As well as the responsibility an individual can have due to the gender. Stand alone discrimination creates vast amounts of discrimination across America on the following; age, disability, pay, race, gender, religion. The list goes on. But the main point of this paper is to focus on gender discrimination. Discrimination needs to be stopped at one point or another to …show more content…
Many females are getting lucked out on what it could have been. To come to a conclusion, With these very infamous three types of Gender Discrimination. There will always be some sort of discrimination on an individual 's gender. Women get unequal pay because they 're not male, therefore they get paid less for it. As Well as having the Glass Ceiling. With the Glass Ceilings having females not reach positions that men can reach due to male being more superior. And finally the Diminished responsibilities where because their female it means they can’t take on a certain role or responsibilities as a male could. Stopping discrimination is a very difficult task. As most individuals who suffer from discrimination don’t tell anyone that it is happening preventing it from being stopped. Letting it continue will still have an impact on a female as they do not address a voice. So the one of the many things possible in stopping discrimination is to let them know that discrimination isn’t acceptable in a work environment. Also be sure the individual knows what is right to wrong as well as the punishments if the discrimination does

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