Gender Discrimination And The Civil War Essay

1965 Words Dec 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Ever since our country was first founded, gender discrimination has been an issue. By definition, gender discrimination is treating an individual differently in their employment because the individual is a women or a man.
This can affect hiring or firing an individual, promotions, compensation, benefits and job classifications. Even though gender discrimination is primarily focused on women, men also experience acts of this injustice. To this date, both men and women experience favoritism because of their sex. Since the 1800s women have been fighting towards equality in all aspects of their lives. Men experienced various types of advancements in their personal life and professional life since they were not seen as the “weaker sex”. Women didn 't start seeing some type of equality until the civil war, but that didn 't last long. Up until the 1960s, women were still not allowed to vote. Once the Nineteenth Amendment was passed, women still experienced discrimination. Congress passed the Equal Pay act of 1963 which states that employers cannot discriminate against employees on the grounds of sex in regard to their compensation. This act soon paved the way to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bans discrimination in employment on the basis of sex. This helped protect females and males for intolerance of their genders under both the Equal Pay Act and Title VII. Shortly after, Congress submitted the Equal Rights Amendment in 1973 for the states for ratification. If…

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