Gender Discrimination Against Female Women Essay

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This paper will answer if women in particular face difficulties growing their careers due to masculine traits and gender discrimination in the workplace. Women amount to fifty percent of the world 's human population, with more women joining the labor force during this past century it has become a new normal. However, women have to surpass discrimination and limitations to achieve the same career success as their male counterparts. The common traits that are associated with being masculine are: “power, aggression, authority, hierarchy, control, and subjugation” (Srinivasan, 2015 ,123), these usually follow gender discriminations such as wage gaps, prejudice career advancements, and bullying.

Women who work in male-dominated workplaces or are competing against male counterparts usually face discrimination because of men trying to show off these masculine values. In a survey of 1043 employees, it is “demonstrated that allegations of gender discrimination against women are likely to be accurate rather than fallacious or exaggerated” (Metz and Moss, 2008, 60). This discrimination happens in all levels of management and women report this as a “barrier to their advancement” (Metz and Moss, 2008, 60). The evident inequality in the sexes makes women recognize they will most likely not reach higher level positions and thus to stay humble they will not have as many long term goals compared to men (Metz and Moss, 2008, 63); and when females get to positions of power that men usually…

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