Gemma And Dwalin 's The Throne Chamber Essay

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Gemma and Dwalin went to the throne chamber, but Thorin wasn’t there. Gemma felt the anxiety in her chest, like her heart had been tied in a knot and somebody was pulling it tighter and tighter. They searched the treasure chamber next, and then the hallways in the area, but he was nowhere to be found. Finally, they came to the large hall where the dwarves had battled Smaug. The glare of the golden floor lit up the room, and Thorin, standing in the centre, cast long, distorted reflections across it. Gemma shooed Dwalin, telling him that she would call for him is he was needed. She had to do this on her own. The dwarf looked like he wanted to argue, but he held his tongue and left the room.
As Gemma approached Thorin, she saw that he was clutching his head and muttering to himself, while pacing wildly back and forth. It was something she often did when she was having an anxiety attack, and it made her walk a bit faster. Even after everything that had happened between them, she was still worried about him. Of course she was. It didn’t matter what he did, she would always care about him. She knew that now. Thorin tossed his head about, looking up at the ceiling and sinking to his knees as if he was being pulled into the floor. But it was only when she finally caught a glimpse of his eyes that she knew something was truly wrong.
She rushed forward and called his name. “Thorin!” He looked up and seemed to recognize her, but only slightly, as if his mind couldn’t quite register her…

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