GCSE Catering internation week Essay

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International week
The local hotel in my area is holding an international week. As the trainee chef I have been invited to take part and have been asked to prepare a two course meal from a country of my choice.

I have chosen this task because I thought it would be quite interesting as we get to explore many different countries and their foods. I am also very passionate about international food. This was also a very good way to learn new cooking skills the country may use. I had many difficulties trying to find a country that would be suited for this event as many countries caught my attention due to their traditions, foods and skills of cooking. I plan to investigate this task by researching different countries and the
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Type of research
What do I want to find out
How this research has helped me understanding the task
Trial Practical

Trail practical was where we practiced our four dishes of choice. We had to make two dishes one week then the other two next week. We had two hours to prepare and I would say that it was a generous amount of time as I finished quite early.

It helped us get more practice and that we could correct our mistakes. It also helped us find ways in which we can get faster and not lose time. But from what I have done all my dishes have come out very nicely but with some minor mistakes which will not happen next time.

Looking in magazines

We looked thorough magazines to help us get some ideas. We found many types of food and their recipes. We also fund type of themes and lots of inspiration.

This gave me a few ideas about what I was going to cook.

Food tasting

We tasted different foods from different countries. This helped us give us some ideas on what certain food from a country tasted like and how this was presented. We also did the task to give us an idea on what country would be well suited for the event. This task was also to find the different ways each dish was presented.

This gave me a few ideas on what to pick. I tried the Moroccan food as I wanted to do that but found out it wasn’t for me. I wanted to do American instead even though there wasn’t American food in front of me. So I

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