Pros And Cons Of Discrimination Against Gay People

Why does the world hate and discriminate against gay people so much? Do they feel like gay people are superior because they receive some type of special attention? I feel that gay people are human as well. We should always respect people no matter what the circumstance. When you love someone it’s from something that’s deep down inside not matter what others might think. Most people fear gay people presence when in actuality they are here to cause no harm. That’s right they are just as equal as the next person. The only difference is that they love the same sex. Most people feel that since someone is gay they should feel some type of way. Wrong again just because that person is gay does not mean that they want anything to do with you. Gay people have standards as well as anybody else they are human. Yes, they make mistakes as well as anybody else but they are also punished as anybody else as well. Most times gays don’t receive the same treatment as others and this has been a problem for the longest. This is something that is not fair. I feel like there are a lot of down low people out there. Down low just means that you are gay but instead of risking everyone finding out that you are gay you keep it on the down low. You remain anonymous so that people don’t begin to look at you …show more content…
One con is that gay marriage is not traditional so it shouldn’t be allowed. Another con is that in same sex marriage you cannot produce children. Most people stated that if you cannot produce children than you should not be able to marry. They really didn’t think before they actually made this statement. There are a lot of traditional male and female marriages where in some cases due to complications the female is not able to have kids. Although sometimes there are some males whose sperm count is not high enough to produce children either. So I feel like this reason should be wiped away from anyone who thinks people should not marry the same

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