Essay on Gattaca Flim Technique

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Film Technique | Meaning/ Explanation | Colour of film washed out | The whole film has no real colour because it represents the idea that the world has become bland, colourless because everybody is put in a position from birth due to their DNA and the statistics it tells, and never really allowed to pursue adventure, or try to strive for something | Dress, cars and music are old-fashioned, even though the film is set in the near-future | This is done to show the issues in the film are happening now and have been happening for years. People can “choose” their child to an extent now, but also, the issue of racism (or “genoism” in the movie) is age old. People can relate the issues (or themes) back to their everyday lives – it’s not …show more content…
The music is beautiful, but only a six fingered musician can play, leaving out all others who don’t have this mutation 2. The piece can only be played by them, but the fact it needs them to play it is quite admirable the advances and the beauty it created | Blurred visions for Vincent crossing road, happens when Vincent is getting nervous about being caught. What does it represent about future? | A few meaning: 1. His future is a “blur” now he may get caught – crossing the road represents getting to the other side or making it to the other side is fraught with danger. 2. Irene standing on the other side as a blur – This represents Vincent’s indecision – whether to cross and be with her ( this may be dangerous as she may know what he’s doing and expose him) or whether to remain on the other side 3. Vincent’s myopia ( his past) is holding him back and he needs the help of the technology to get him where he wants to go | Bright sunrise when Vincent and Irene are beginning to fall in love | | Bars across the faces of Vincent and Irene when hiding, happens after beating the policeman up and nearly being caught – what does it represent more certainly about his future? | They are criminals now – both of them. Vincent has beaten up the policeman, Anton knows Vincent is the ‘In-valid” they are looking for and Irene is about to be told by

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