Symbolism, Juxtaposition And Flashbacks In Gattaca

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“How does the author of Gattaca use one or more of the following techniques to develop ideas: Symbolism, Juxtaposition and flashbacks.”
Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ presents us with a futuristic utopia where genetic enhancement is a normality and society now has discrimination down to a science. The film explores the life of Vincent Freeman, a degenerate who is denied the opportunity to achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut due to his inferior DNA. Vincent adopts the identity of renowned swimmer and genetically engineered Jerome Morrow, in order to pursue his lifelong dream of obtaining a position in the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation and travel to space. Niccol uses juxtaposition, symbolism and flashbacks to convey the idea of a natural
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Viewers are first presented with a flashback showing the birth of Vincent who is considered a faith-born conceived from happiness, in contrast to Anton who is genetically engineered with the ‘best’ of their parent’s genes. The doctor provides the family with the shocking health statistics before they even see their new born child, a life expectancy of 30.2 and a 99% chance of heart failure. In contrast to his brother, Anton is shown to be the epitome of the perfect son: intelligent, good looking, athletic and bold. The frequent flashbacks also reveal the rivalry between Vincent and his genetically modified brother, “A son worthy of his father’s name.” While playing at the beach, the Vincent is seen slicing his hand in order for the pair to become blood brothers. Anton cowers and flees, afraid he may be contaminated with the inferior DNA. This highlights the engineered’s fear of the …show more content…
The spiral staircase in Jerome’s apartment symbolically represents the double helix model of DNA. The stairs and its symbolic meaning is significantly relevant as it relates to the genetically modified society. The staircase also represents the interwoven connection between Jerome and Vincent and this is shown near the end of the film when Jerome sits at the bottom of the staircase and Vincent at the top. This shows that Vincent, despite the doubts that surrounded his ambitions, society’s oppression and his grim life span, he has managed to surpass his genetically flawless

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