The Secret Life Of Bees Symbolism Essay

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What would you do if you were at fault for your mother’s death? Lily Melissa Owens, the main character, is searching for information about her mother. Lily accidently shot her when she was little. She is trying to figure out more about that event and events leading up to that day. Lily's father,T.Ray, is no help either. She meets the Boatwrights and everything changes. Sue Monk Kidd uses many symbols throughout the novel to help readers understand her themes. In The Secret Life of Bees, the author uses the symbols of water, Mary, and photographs to teach Lily and the readers important lessons about life. In the novel water was used to symbolized a new beginning or forgiveness. When Rosaleen and Lily got in a dispute they later rinsed off …show more content…
They also are a source of validation of the love from her mother. When Lily found the picture of Mary in her mother’s belongings she was determined to find what it meant. She then found a location on the back and instantly wanted to figure out where it could lead her. When she finally arrived in the small town she saw a label with the picture on it. She finally found what she was looking for; a source of information on her mother. After being told that her mother left her she doubted the love her mom had for her. After August showed Lily a photo of her and her mom that changed. When Lily looked at the picture she told the reader, “I looked down at the picture, then closed my eyes. I figured May must've made it to heaven and explained to my mother about the sign I wanted. The one that would let me know I was loved” (Kidd 276). She could feel the love that her mom had for her while looking at the image. The series of photographs have helped Lily understand her mother because she has very little memories with her. Water, Mary and photographs are all symbols used in The Secret Life of Bees. Water was used to signify a new beginning or forgiveness. Throughout the entire story Mary teaches the women to believe in themselves. Photographs help Lily remember her mother because she never really had time to make memories and remember them. Sue Monk Kidd used symbolism to assist the reader in understanding the overall themes in the

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