Garmin Vivofit Case Analysis

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The Garmin Vivofit wristband has essentially been associated with customers of all ages. So, when focusing on local buyers, companies should be aware of what influences both genders. When marketing a product in any industry the customer should always come first. The buyer should be treated well, which will lead to customer loyalty in the end. Having an understanding of consumers and their local environment will have a great influence on what they purchase. There are several major factors that influence local buying behavior: culture, economics, technology, and politics (Johansson, J. K.).
Local Buyers In the United States, the buying habits of local shoppers when purchasing fitness technology in 2013, show buyers purchased the
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Also, establish a secure payment checkout process that provides privacy and security. By creating a fanpage for the Vivofit on Facebook this will advertise the wristband to a much bigger audience. The modern era is filled with internet-based technology and consumers like to shop on the go or at home, It is important to ensure that the website is easily accessible on tablets, laptops, and cell phones. Advertising the wristband on popular social media websites and apps can help promote the product to interested buyers.It is best to market more towards the 25 to 54 age group online,These are the target consumers that are more likely to purchase the Vivofit. They also make the most online purchases in the United States. Since stores are not out-of-date it would be advised to include printable and mobile coupons that can be used in-store during checkout. Retailers can promote deals to induce impulse buying, since most U.S. consumers are currently not. Advertise sales and advertising towards men and women, since the Garmin Vivofit is perfect for …show more content…
This will determine if the company needs to improve their marketing strategies or if their endeavors are pulling through. There is an available application, Google Analytics, that will allow companies to monitor their website. The best way to measure is by gathering information on six factors; unique visitors, page views, search engine traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, and inbound links.
Unique Visitors The term of unique visitors refers to “the number of individuals who visit the company’s website” (Cain, K.). You evaluate this number during a set period of time and every visitor is accounted for only one time. Depending on the type of company and industry the numbers will vary according to the amount of content they are producing. Considering that fitness devices are trending and more people are likely to purchase a fitness device within the next twelve months (Consumer Interest), Garmin Industries should attract high numbers.

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