Video Case Study: Doritos By Frito Lay Inc.

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The video case study is about a product called Doritos by Frito Lay Inc. The company realized that the product needed a new look and thus went on to research on how the brand was currently perceived. The board sat down to decide what aspects of the product they would keep and what they would sell. Among the aspects that the board settled to keep include the iconic triangle of the product which makes it easy for the consumers to easily identify the product once they open the package. Furthermore, the distinct flavor of Doritos helps to distinguish the product from any other. Despite the fact that the product’s target market cut across different ages, it was evident that most of the consumers were young adults under the age of 24 according to …show more content…
While the product was known to be consumed by different customers, the company settled for those who indulged in the products which they found was customers aged between 16 and 24 with the bull’s eye being on 19-year-olds. Therefore, the company decided to place its products in a way that they would be the best fit to the customers in this age group. This is a norm in today’s market or industry where different products including foods, smartphones and as well as application and video games are targeted for a certain age group including the youths. Companies targeting these age groups will ensure that their product is fit and attractive to the customers for them to choose it before the other companies offering the …show more content…
Furthermore, the business will be able to avoid wastage of resources that are rather used in making the product successful by lowering ambiguity or confusion about the customers that are targeted. The design, packaging and new logo will also ensure that the customers can distinguish the products from the others in the stall. The company also changed how it related with the customers by ensuring that they contributed authentically with the product which made the consumers know they were in charge. As a result, the consumers increased their passion towards the brand which benefits both the customers and the company. As the video ends, it presses on the point that a company has to trust its consumers.
Has the movie enlightened you or changed your opinion about the business depicted, a particular industry or business practice?
The move is very enlightening especially in the way that it brings out the whole concept of market concentration and market targeting. By choosing an audience and ensuring that it fully work on it to certify the tastes, packaging, and branding of Doritos, the movie show how the company was able to beat its competition and certify its position at the top. The movie also changed my opinion about the business depicted and I learned how to ensure that a particular product reaches its full potential in the market by first concentrating on the strengths

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