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Register to read the introduction… For instance, determining the growth rate of your business is vital. A company that is growing vast in the marketplace is attractive to new customers that are joining the market. Gap should explore new routes and search for the one thing customers want and need. Innovation is what customers want. They want something new, different, durable, and cheap. In Old Navy, prices are very steady and items are fairly in style. This is demanded by customers or they will not purchase your goods. Secondly, always think of new competitors joining the market and try to establish individuality. For instance inside the Abercrombie store located in Gwinnett Place Mall; I enjoyed the vibe and scenery in the store. The co-workers were mainly preppy and well groomed. Abercrombie sells to the cool and very popular teens. Therefore having the workers attractive increases sells. Also Abercrombie stores in Georgia are mainly located in middle class suburban areas. Having locations that mainly were consumers live helps customers buy your goods. Finally, always acknowledge the financial stability of your business. It is attractive to see your company making profit. It is always good to see where your stand. You should compare your company to another rival to see the growth in profit between the two companies. Gap has initialized these steps and succeeded on some of these and have failed on the other. It is how you utilize your company assets that will ensure success. A company will maximize success in a location where there aren’t any economic barriers. It will also achieve in this location if it brands or markets the items they have to sell. Lastly, this company should locate a crowd it would want to sell their goods to and for an affordable …show more content…
Since then, Gap has opened 5 other branches. Some branches sell clothing, shoes, and accessories. While others only sell just clothes. The positive sides of these stores are their different brands and different prices. I can buy a basic shirt and jeans for roughly a hundred dollars. I can buy a similar shirt and jeans at Banana Republic for more. The other positives about opening many branches are selection. Some women may want accessories at the shoe store they shop at. In Athleta, you will find shoes and jewelry in convenience. Although Gap has decided to minimize the stores located in the U.S, the company has to understand the step it is initiating. Global trade is much difficult that selling in the U.S. Gap was established on U.S grounds. It has proven itself to customers by providing wanted good and ensuring affordable prices. Gap created family vibe for customers and introduced many locations to customers all over the states. Branching out to other countries and maintaining the stores might become complicated. Each division has its own management and has its own agenda. Every store has to withstand competition and location. Some countries may not be interested in Gap. For instance in London, most customers enjoy buying Gucci and other high-end brands. How can Gap withstand competition? Gap should expand its stores to different countries. The company should also branch itself exclusively from other opponents. The strategy will work and is well thought of. Murphy has appointed new presidents to each Old Navy, Banana Republic, and even the Outlet divisions. The different backgrounds and leadership skills acquired from the new faces has created organizational structure which has improved the company very much. Finalizing that Gap will be a successful company in the

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