Gap Case Analysis Essay

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MKT 460
Gap Inc. Marketing Plan

Problem Component
Business Description
As this implicit case indicated, Gap Inc, a idolize apparel band that represents affordable style for everyone, was founded basing on San Francisco blue jeans retailer in 1969 by its two founders—Doris and Don Fisher. It then expanded its product lines during the 1970s and the company became a public corporation in 1976 and began its expansion through combination of acquisitions, new ventures and growth strategies. Nowadays, Gap Inc. has become a giant in the family clothing retailing industry covering apparel-relevant products for men, women and children. After 43 years of running, the company currently owns 3,248 branch stores worldwide and hires
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And implies that, as one of the giants in the family clothing store industry, Gap Inc. has become the market leader which occupied much of the market shares and revenue, but unfortunately, has little room to grow and change. Therefore the company is seeking stimulating point to gain more sales and maximize its profitability via globalization. This is felt to have an assessment of 5 on the firm since it has a great impact on the management decision making on planning and implementing strategy.
After addressing different failure turnaround strategies by 3 different CEO, Gap Inc. is currently stressed in the post impact of the economic recession since 2008, which pulled down the industry sales and revenue as a whole. Moreover, the threats of the international new entrants such as Zara, H&M; the domestic rivals TJX, Ross and so on have slimed the firm’s profit margin. Since 2005, the company has experienced continuously revenue loss in all chains, though the profitability has slightly recovered by 2009. All the above information are sourced from the case, and it felt to an assessment of 2 since it illustrated apparently that these environmental and competition changes post a huge negative impact on the company’s overall performance and address some of the key issues that the management should concern seriously.
Gap Inc. is recognized as one of the world’s most ethical companies by the

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