Game Show Persuasive Speech

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If you were given the chance to perhaps win cash or prizes, how would you do it? Maybe you would go to your grandmother’s BINGO competition, or maybe you put your ticket in a raffle and hope that your number is called. Both those options sounds enticing, but instead I would go play games or maybe answer trivia questions. Yes, I understand that BINGO is a game, but I’m not talking about that kind of game. Instead, I’m talking about gameshows, like Jeopardy or Legends of the Hidden Temple. It will feel like we are in the audience when we take a look at: mental game shows, physical game shows, and even combing the two together.
If you’re the contestant on a gameshow that mostly involves mental challenges, that does not necessarily mean it is
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These kinds of game shows are ones where they combine physical challenges with mental challenges. One of the classic Nickelodeon game shows, and my personal favorite was Legends of the Hidden Temple. Tim Brooks, Earle F. Marsh, authors of The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows, 1946-Present explain: “An action packed kids’ game show combining questions and physical challenges. The young contestants competed for the chance to retrieve an object from a giant Mayan temple” (781.) Some people might not consider Food Network’s Chopped a gameshow, but none the less it combines the chef thinking about what to cook with the mystery basket ingredients and then cook that dish. The host of the show is Ted Allen, and he was interviewed by and this was the question and his answer: “Do the chefs really have no idea ahead of time what ingredients are in the mystery baskets? That is absolutely true. They do not know what the food is. We do, but they don't.” Minute to Win It was hosted by Guy Fieri, and an in studio contestant tries to complete 10 deceivingly easy games in order to win $1,000,000. The contestant only had a minute, thus the name Minute to Win It. And now! It’s time for Jake & David to go head to head in a Minute to Win It challenge! Let’s take a look at your challenge

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