Informative Speech About Being Obese

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Do you know anyone overweight, chances are you do and it 's not easy for them. Obesity is all around us from shows such as Biggest Loser and My 600 Pound Life, to diet programs like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem. Gaining weight is easy, it 's losing weight we Humans are having trouble with. America is one of the major obese country in the world but it 's not the only one that 's obese. Being obese is a serious issue for Americans by causing many health problems and putting an end to this will help to have a longer healthier life. Obesity is harmful and can hurt you and others both mentally and physically. This could cause you to have a shorter life span, all because of being unhealthy and not trying to be better for yourself and others. Obesity isn 't only affecting people in the USA but also “[affecting] more than 500 million people worldwide”(Marchione 1). When you hear obesity you probably think about the USA but this harmful disease is happening all over the globe. There’s many forms of obesity but the most major ones would be eating unhealthy and sugary, fatty foods. Almost all …show more content…
It can hurt you mentally and physically but all you can do is try your best to be healthy. Obesity is all around us from shows to diet programs. Gaining weight is easy, it 's losing weight we humans are having trouble with. Obesity is serious problem it can hurt you and your family by leaving you with health problems that are life threatening. The only thing you can do to stop this is eat health and exercise. Obesity is everywhere and most people just give up and don 't care after a certain time, but they should care. Their life might depend on it. If you know someone you should talk to them and tell about all the dangers that could affect them and others. You can be healthy and overweight but you can also be thin and unhealthy. Just make sure you take care of yourselves and watch out for loved ones. Once they’re gone no bring them

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