Gaining Knowledge in the Context of Values Essay examples

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Roman Karki
Mr. Shane Horn
T.O.K. Year 1, Monday
22nd September 2012
Reflection on Knowledge
Context of Values

Subjects, Activities and their Significance

The previous schooling system which I was a part of had the basic emphasis on academics along with reasonable presence of basic extracurricular activities (that is to say visual arts, dance, music and sports). Those however where seldom emphasized and we were made to focus more on our academic school life rather than extracurricular. There were students talented in many other fields besides academics, but they were praised only on the field not in the class, the teachers would inform us that extracurricular is important for all round development but rarely any action
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But what it really did was just entertain the natural skill and interest of each student, totally destroying their original purpose.
The failure of the school system to bring about balanced students is extremely great in magnitude; one should also take into account that extracurricular is not majorly emphasized in the school systems by the government as well, mainly because most don’t see extracurricular as a part of education, when in reality it makes up a major influential part of it.
There were events and competitions in all fields in the school, but only the ones with appropriate skill in the field were chosen to participate. By denying the knowledge in these various fields one is also denying a large variety of life changing vibrant life experiences and opportunities from the children. One must realize that everyone must be able to utilize any window of opportunity and utilize it most efficiently.
The basic subjects that were mandatory for every child at my school studying from grade 8 and above were: Nepali, English, Compulsory Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health, Population and Environment, Accountancy and Optional Mathematics (the irony). The reason the subjects (excluding Accountancy and Optional Mathematics) were offered was because it was the approved subject list approved by the Nepal Government. Now the question arises, why would the government set such a

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