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Curbing Food Wastage in Singapore Focusing

Introduction * Analysis of Food Wastage

By Walter Sim Every day last year, each person in Singapore wasted an equivalent of one packet of economy rice or nasi padang. All this added up to an astounding record of 796,000 tonnes - the weight of about 1,420 fully loaded Airbus A-380s - of food waste, according to National Environment Agency statistics released this month. This marks a steep 13.2 per cent rise from the 703,200 tonnes dumped in 2012, and is the sharpest spike in at least six years. Before last year, food waste had typically gone up between 1.6 and 6.7 per cent year on year since 2007. "It's an extremely steep rise and it's rather disturbing that there is a distinct lack
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Monetary : * Goods (smoke alarm batteries) * Services (taxi ride home from a bar) * Fines (littering)


Price Related Tactics (What you want to do , 2. Why you need to do for target audience, 3. How to do)
6 Related Pricing Tactics 1. Increased monetary benefits for the desired behaviour
e.g. incentives at NTUC
Attend education programes
Give social marketing examples for: * Rebates * Cash Incentives * Redemption 2. Increase nonmonetary benefits for the desired behaviour 3. Decrease monetary costs for the desired behaviour 4. Decrease nonmonetary costs for the desired behaviour 5. Increase monetary costs for the competing behaviour 6. Increase nonmonetary costs for the competing behaviour

Place and Distribution Channels * How do we reach out to the customers in terms of channels * How you want to change the behaviour change?
E.g. make the location closer
- Dental office on wheels (if children do not want to go see dentists)
For food wastage – develop cc to educate and conduct within the community, library

E.g. 2 – Extend hours
Helpline for domestic violence

E.g. 3 – Be there at the point of decision making

E.g. make the location more appealing
For food wastage - For food waste – organise talks and posters at the supermarkets
E.g. 5 – Overcome psychological barriers related to the place

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