Future of Montserrat Essay

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Geography Essay: Future of Montserrat
The island of Montserrat is situated upon an underwater volcano created by a destructive plate boundary, with the volcanos peak protruding from the south side of the island by the name of Chances Peak in an area entitled Soufriere Hills (in the Caribbean). For 350 years the volcano had remained dormant; however a few weeks ago, Chances Peak became active again and began to emit dust and ash – warning signs that an eruption was almost imminent. On July 20th 1995 (yesterday) the anticipated eruption occurred, producing numerous quandaries for the surviving residents of Montserrat.

Montserratians will experience the social impacts of the eruption; these may be the most direct of all the predicaments
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Moreover, a deficiency of doctors and hospital personnel would leave many people in need of medical help unattended to. Furthermore, persons already residing in the north of the island would have to compromise with the new displaced people; this may cause some feuds over space etc…
The GDP and GNP of Montserrat are predicted to face dramatic cutbacks due simply to the loss of people on the island, and the lack of income from farmers who do not have access to land they can farm on, or businesses that have been destroyed – which is common as many companies were positioned in Plymouth – a city that was completely covered by ash and soon after finished off by deadly pyroclastic flows. If the GDP and GNP do fall, citizens who have decided to stay will be significantly poorer, and therefore may not be able to pay taxes. In addition, a vast sum would have to be paid in damages to property and the building of temporary displaced peoples camps.

Due to ash clouds, airports would be closed down, and airlines would have to pay massive amounts in lost revenues. Conversely, industries for other forms of transport (such as shipping companies) would benefit, as passengers search for alternatives to flying. The frequency of imports and exports would not decrease massively as a mere 1% of trade in the UK occurs on flights. Also, (elaborating on the point of aid given by other countries above) since the Montserrat was included in the Federal Colony of British

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