Future of Crime Essay

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Criminology in the Future

Imagine how rapid technology has advanced in the last years. Technology has allowed the United States to positive changes in the advancements of crime fighting. Technology has also made it possible to communicate with other countries, aide in other nation’s tragedies, predict patterns, and even help fight crimes unknown. However, as technology hits the spotlight for improving communication and crime fighting, there is always a downside. Technology can also be used in a negative manner. As technology improves the advancement of crimes also improves. Technology can also divide countries, when used to bring countries together. This paper will show positive breakthroughs of crime fighting while highlighting
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One must be aware that individuals are innocent until proven guilty, not innocent unless they meet a mathematical formula.
Crime Fighting Methodology The development of specific crime fighting methodologies is vital within the changing landscape of criminal activity. As cyber-crime and identity theft rise, crime fighters must find more precise methods of detection. DNA collection programs have become a key part of law enforcement. The use of a DNA database has reached a unique level of notoriety because of popular forensic television programs. For example, shows like CSI and NCIS often build their entire episode upon finding a criminal using their DNA. It is simply an easier way to identify criminals. “The database may include profiles of suspects awaiting trial, people arrested, convicted offenders and identifying unknown remains and even members of law enforcement (Schmalleger, 2012)”. DNA use in crime solving is popular because DNA is obtained in multiple ways. Police often use mouth swabs upon capture or a sample obtained off a piece of clothing as well. Once the extracted sample is gathered it is held in a large database and used when crime occurs. Forensic experts can compare the DNA of the accused to the DNA available in the database. Other advantages to the use of DNA are that it eliminates a lot of uncertainty about a crime scene. There is not a method that provides

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