Future Crime Essay

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Future Crime Scenario
University of Phoenix
Dr. Edward T. Armstrong
October 16, 2007
Future Crime Scenario In a world filled with much advancement in medicine and technology, doctors have the opportunity to research and find cures. Research has become immensely elaborate and is accepted among many individuals as a means to find cures for many deadly diseases. The controversy behind new advancements and new cures, such as stem cell research, continues to cause concern on a national basis. Such technological findings have been considered by some people to be deviant acts and are not socially accepted. Controversial issues relating to the altering of
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Society can pass bias judgment due to peoples’ ignorance of the subject; however, keeping an open mind to some of the benefits that technological advances have to offer will make people understand how it has assisted the world in combating diseases. The social norm may be frightened by the unknown outcome of these experiments, but in the long-run researchers’ findings have helped cure many deadly diseases. Technological breakthroughs have provided the world with innovating products which have helped the economy grow into this capitalist society. Technology has made it possible for the world to outsource and improve existing products to better suit everyone’s needs. Consequently, these advancements throughout the years have led the whole world into finding methods to making peoples’ lives easier by helping combat problematic health issues. Innovative technology can save millions of people, especially those that are dying due to their inability to find a matching organ donor. Also, those suffering from the (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) AIDS epidemic have third world countries in a frenzy due to the lack of funds to afford modern technology to combat this disease. The world needs to invest in extensive medical research that would take this era into one that is free of illness

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