Future Aspiration Of High School Seniors Essay

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Life after High School

This investigation was to find the change in future aspiration of high school seniors in the US after 9/11. The suggestion was that the economic impact of the attack would cause fewer childten to have the means to enroll in college. However some where divided on the impact it would have on enlistment as wether it would increase due to patriotistic sentiment or decrease with them rise in probability of actual engagement. An unidentified polling organization arranged to a sample to see this change. From 5 cities in Upstate New York a random high school was collected. Then the guidance counselor of the high schools randomly selected 100 students. The purpose is evaluate the proportion of college bound seniors post 9/11. To determine the possibility of this 1-proportion z-score tests will be used. A 90% confidence interval means that the 90% of the intervals created using the formula p̂ ± Margin of Error will capture the true proportion of the population. The Margin of Error is found as the z* multiplied by the Standard Error (√(p̂ q̂/n)). A 90% confidence interval corresponds to a z* of 1.654. The problems states the pollsters want a margin of error of 4% So: ME=z*√(pq/n) .04=1.654*√(.63*.37/n) n = 394.23

Therefore a 90% confidence interval with a 4% Margin of Error with the stated data corresponds with an n of 394.23 people.

In order to use a 1-proportion z-score tests the Independence Assumption,, Randomization Condition, 10%…

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