Funding For Health Care Industry Essay

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1) Funding in Health Care Industry

Australian health care industry is funded from various sources, reflecting the treatments and health services provided by the hospitals. There are two types of funding systems are worked in Australia, the casemix based funding and another is fixed per diem based funding. Most of the government and privet hospitals are used the casemix based funding system though there are some hospitals who used fixed per diem base funding system.  Casemix funding : Now a day’s most of the public and private hospitals used this funding system. Casemix funding model is based on output funding model. It is also known as activity based funding model. Casemix classifications put patients into different clinical groups using the ARDRGs. Where the funds can be provided by the government for each ARDRGs. Where funding has been done on the basis of, What hospital do?, the number and severity of individual cases are treated.
• Advantages
- Casemix model divides patients into different clinical groups so with the help of that clinical activity, quality, and cost efficiency of the different hospitals can be compared.
- More over the casemix data allow us to make comparisons between facilities provided in different areas of state and states of the country. It is also useful for clinical research, financial management, identifying the epidemiological pattern and disease trends.
- Casemix system using the DRGs increase the number…

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