Funding For A Successful Life Essay

758 Words Oct 6th, 2015 4 Pages
For the average American to be able to build a successful life they have to do well in school. In order to even obtain a job in the United States that pays above minimum wage a person has to at least have their high school diploma. If both the value of education and the consequences of not having one are so high in America then it is reasonable to believe that a large amount of money should go to funding schools. Though some state choose to spend less when it comes to schooling. Despite the fact that the equal funding of all schools can help give students of Color the chance at a good education by providing them with needed resources. For example, well-funded schools are able to give their teachers higher salaries, which has been statistically shown to improve the education of students. Though as shown in the example above, for the funding to work it has to go to the right places because when looking at funding on a district level a school in the suburbs can have the same funding as a school in urban neighborhood, but the school in the suburbs will do better educationally. The disparity is likely do to the fact that the school in the school the suburb spends funding on useful resources. Funding cannot be wasted on programs that do not seek to fix the real problems affecting low preforming schools. Neither should they be spent on incapable teachers nor non-school related expenses. A majority of Black and Latino students attends schools with either little funding or…

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