Fundamentals Software Architecture Essay

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Unit 09 Assignment 2
Fundamentals of Software Architecture
Instructor: Ami Tran
Student: Cyril Foday-Kailie

Table of Content:

1. Introduction of Management Summary
2.0 Scope and Definition
3.0 Overviews for Requirements and Concerns
4.0 General Architectural principles
6.0 Important Scenarios
7.0 Quality Property Summary
8.0 Need to Know Board
9.0 References/appendices


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The concept is driven by team work where the aim is to deliver essentials in a timely manner than hoping to have software with many options than huge documentation. In Agile development inputs of the stakeholders become the bases as the final product and is geared to have deliverables as desired by the stake holder using extreme programming (XP)

XP is the method of programming that emphasis team work between managers’ customers and developers. These 3 set of people forms an equal partnership to drive the project in a collaborative manner.
XP implement a simple but effective environment enabling all concern members to achieve solution and maximize productivity. The main idea is that the team rallies around the problem or case for the solution.
Such development practice qualifies XP to be an agile method of software development.
Citing Don well (1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2009) Extreme Programming improves a software project in five essential ways; communication, simplicity, feedback, respect, and courage. This can be likening as the software architectural process of an agile software designing.
These five essentials are to ensure that all necessary objectives are met in software design using Agile method.
Team members are treated with respect as the system is made for them not them for the system.
The system will courageously be able to respond to change

How software architecture process fits into Extreme programming.
The software architectural process

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