Essay Functions of HR

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Functions of HR

BUS 226: Intro to Personnel Administration

The Functions of HR

When going to work for a new company, you are given a job analysis or job description, to let you know what is expected from the job once the position is held. Here is where you learn about the compensation, training, and performance needs that the job requires. By giving this to potential new hires this allows them to know what needs to be done to keep the job and perform it properly. We will discuss the job analysis of a childcare teacher and what needs to be addressed in order to keep this position filled with qualified talent. Job Analysis Caring for children can be stressful and overwhelming at times. As a childcare teacher, you must
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2,2013). Having pre-service and monthly trainings are a big part when working in the childcare field. In the state of Texas you are required to have at least 8 hours of pre-service training, this is done when you first start in childcare before you are able to work with children and 24 hours of training each year. Working in childcare there are some trainings that you will do each year such as vehicle safety, SIDS, shaken baby, CPR/first aid, and abuse and neglect. These training teach you what to do if you get in a situation where the child is not in a safe environment at home, or if a situation arises while in your care. The trainings just discussed if for the child but for the employees you will also have to attend trainings related to customer service, safety, communication, and sometimes computer skills. Trainings are very important because they help you to acquire the capabilities to perform the job. I believe that in the childcare field you do need the trainings to help and guide you, but having hands on trainings are just as important. Some people are just not cut out to work with children, you need to have the patience and the drive to want to teach and be around children.


“Although the demand for child care in the United States has risen over the past 40 years, the supply of good quality child care remains both limited and costly, and the supply of well-trained and adequately compensated workers

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