From The Earth And The Moon By Thomas Edison Stole Essay

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After viewing the clips “From the Earth to the Moon” it gave me a new perspective on film. Being a film major at Point Park I know how important it is to give rights to those who should be given the rights because that means everything in this business on who created what film. Plagiarism is unacceptable and is very disappointing to see it happen because it is a form of stealing and I believe the worst form of stealing is taking someone’s ideas and claiming them to be yours. It important to remember, if you will, the golden rule; you would not want someone stealing your ideas. After watching and learning that Thomas Edison stole George Melees’s film I felt upset for Melees because he worked so hard on creating a great production and then to have it ripped from him would be an awful feeling. Edison was an amazing inventor and did contribute to film, but stealing someone’s film and claiming it as yours is not ok. It was easy for Edison to do this because at the time news traveled slow; Melees was in France and focused on his productions, knowing nothing of what Edison was doing in American. Plagiarism was not something many people cared about and did not worry about giving people their due rights. Edison would not be able to get away with stealing someone’s film because in today’s world there are to many ways to tell if you are lying. News travels more quickly then anything in this world and there would be no way to take an idea and claim it as yours. With many social media…

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