From Illusion to Reality and Vengeance Time Essay

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Child Exposure to Domestic Violence
Pedro J. Ramirez
January 14, 2014
Prof. Robert Otero-Ortega

Child Exposure to Domestic Violence

The policy issues that seem to be a major concern in the United States is about children being exposed to domestic violence in the home. No-one really looks at what the children have to go through when this happens. There could be some major damage done to the children that have been exposed to this happening. Boston police go on an average of about 200 calls a month on domestic violence.
The content of the video on “Child exposure to Domestic Violence” was a personal crime. First we need to understand what the definition of “personal crime” is: “rape, sexual assault, personal robbery,
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There were really no recommendations mentioned in the video, other than what the three year old little boy is thinking when he sees this domestic violence takes place. It seems like the younger the child is they will exhibit a higher level of emotional and psychological distress then what an older child will. People who commit domestic violence against one another with a child or children present never think of the outcome and how it will affect the child or children. If these children continue to see all of this domestic violence especially if it is a young boy, they may result in continuing this same behavior throughout childhood.
There were not any future implications that were discussed in the video. Yet, I have some future implications that I would like to talk about. For instance the three year old boy in the video yet again witnessed his father being arrested for the restraining order that was in place. This young boy really does not understand what is happening to his family, meaning what is really happening with his father. A future implication that I think should be in place is one that makes both parents responsible for the actions of domestic violence, but at the same time then we would be hurting the child. The world needs to think about the child and not themselves.
There is a lot of content-specific information that is relevant to the video that I selected. There

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