Friendship Is Everything, As Humans We Strive For Relationships And Build Friendships

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Friendship is everything, as humans we strive for relationships and build friendships. A friendship with who is now my best bud started way back in September 2011. Jack was the new kid in Mrs. Hudwalker’s homeroom, but this is not when we became friends. It was late September and I was feeling very tense about the day ahead of me. My mom was forcing me to go to her school reunion and what do you know, My mom went to school with Jacks mom. I was humiliated that my mom was more or less forcing a playdate, “Mom I’m thirteen I don’t need you to set up playdates for me. I’m completely capable of doing it myself.”. My mother and I arrived at the Picnic before my new “Friend” Jack. When Jack arrived I actually got a look of how tall he was compared to me, this kid could step on me if he felt it necessary. Jack and I started making small talk about his new school and how the putrid smell of hotdogs and cheap drinks were contaminating the area surrounding the pavilion. I started realizing that this guy was just as laid back as I was. As the picnic went on the tense feeling of meeting a new kid was lifting from me. When the picnic was happening I could not see Jack as being my best friend but now it’s hard to visualize my life without going to my moms playdate. Eighth grade was the first year me and Jack met, and this is where our friendship really started to grow. Because Jack was new to the Mehlville School District he did not have a lot of friends at school. Because of how well…

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