Humorous Wedding Speech By A Friend Of The Groom

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I must say I am honored and thankful to have some of the most caring and sincerest of friends. I have friends of different races and sexuality. One of my friends has the biggest, purest heart of anyone I know and she is homosexual. For those of you that do not know what I am talking about, homosexual is a sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender.
This is about her; my friend and anyone who may relate to her, as told through my eyes.
Amber was born in 1980, just a year before myself. She has two younger siblings, Angela and Linny. The girls’ Mother and Father were separated when they were young. Throughout Amber’s life, her mother had been married several times leaving the girls with many step fathers
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Amber recalls many times her mom leaving the girls home with this man to run errands. What her mother did not know, was this man was molesting her youngest daughter. None of the girls wanted to say anything, for they knew it would break their mothers heart and they feared things would only get worse. This might be where her feelings towards men began.
Men in her life were nasty, lying, cheating, and downright horrible. These men, treated her, her sisters, and her mother as trash. The one and only man in her life that she even wanted to have anything to do with, left her and her sisters years ago. This man is her biological father, which she knows little to nothing about.
This might be where her feelings towards men began. When I say her feeling towards men, I mean, she doesn’t like men. Well, not the way maybe you or I like men. Amber is gay/lesbian; she has a strong attraction to women. I cannot recall a time she didn’t like women; for I have known her a long time.
Amber grew up knowing this feeling she had for women did not seem right, but felt right. Her mother and sisters all were always attracted to men but not Amber, making her feel as though she did not belong in this family or as if something was wrong with her

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