Essay about Friendship Between Friendship And Friendship

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Friendship is a very meaningful word, which almost everyone knows a thing or two about. Many people also have their own opinion on it as well, since there can be many forms of friendship. Being a friend can mean a lot more than just being nice to someone. A friend is someone with traits as you, someone that be there for you when there’s a problem and someone that can be trusted. Many valuable things come and go in life but friendship may be one of the most important. Having a brotherhood or sisterhood is when two or more people create an everlasting bond between one another and isn’t something that can be taken for granted but has been created for quite some time.

When the word friendship comes to mind many people think of the word loyalty or best friends forever. These words are how you’re supposed to express friendship with people and how they should express it back towards you. Friendship is defined differently from age to age. As a young kid friendship was someone you run around with and play games with. As you get older people tend to grow apart from others and move into a different direction that will soon create that person into who their supposed to be. The people who stay by yours side day by day are the ones that are appreciated greatly and make sacrifices for them because their true friend.

As you get older the meaning of friends usually changes. A friend can be there for guidance to help lift you up as a person. It can also be a significant other…

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