Friedman Family Assessment Model Essay

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Friedman Family Assessment
Rashell Myers
NUR 405
February 14, 2011
Deborah Schultz R.N., M.N.

Friedman Family Assessment
The Friedman Family Assessment Model draws heavy on the structure-function framework and on developmental as system theory. The model takes a broad approach to family assessment, which views families as a subsystem of society. The family is viewed as an open social system ((Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008).
In this paper the subject to identify is a family assessment using the Friedman Family Assessment Model, including three nursing diagnosis.
Friedman Family Assessment Model
Identifying Data The Lazar family resides in Whittier California. This is a two parent family in which 42-year-old Steve (S) is the
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Family Function S believes his function in this family is to provide financial survival and provide protection and that M should maintain the home as a full-time homemaker. Since J is expecting a new baby in a couple months she realizes she will need to take on a whole new role both at home and in society. She realizes her responsibilities will change and become much more difficult. M is trying to fit in the community better to assist her daughter with what she needs however it is more difficult since she does not speak English. The family has different individual health status need although they are generally healthy. One concern for the whole family observed was bad eating habits that can lead to obesity and diabetes. With S drinking and smoking he is opening himself up to higher risk of heart disease, liver disease, cancer, and high blood pressure.
Family Stress and Coping Currently the largest family stressor is S substance abuse. M is fearful S may lose his job one-day or become ill due to his addiction. J pregnancy has also put a strain on the family because they will need to support one more family member in a couple months because J does not have a job. M attends church to cope with her stressors and receive strategies to help cope from her pastor. S continues to seek alcohol consumption to mask his stress, and L verbalizes she tries to stay away as much as possible and

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